EcoShip Box


EcoShip Box is a reusable shipping container made from wood to protect the fragile items during your move. 

It has been used since 2006.

Reduce your Damage and Loss.

People move from one location to another.

Throughout history, your fragile items, mirrors, pictures, painting, and recently flat screen tv's have been packed in corrugated containers or a crate manufactured on site for an individual item. The historical method is both costly, time consuming and wasteful. Corrugated containers , or mirror cartons can be used once or maybe twice, but they eventually end up in the landfill if not recycled. This patented reusable fragile item shipping container saves both time and materials without compromising the security for your precious fragile items.  Ask your moving company if they are stepping into the next century and protecting your fragile items during your move for a significant saving without compromising safe passage for your fragile items during your move.

Generate excitement

This "Green" product/system can save you time and money on your next move.

Ask your local moving company.

This product/system is available to your moving company, all they have to do is contact EcoShip  LLC to transport your fragile items safely and efficiently the 21st century way.